My interest in yoga began very early, thanks to a few Sun Salutation taught to me by my aunt. I immediately began to cultivate an individual practice and self-taught through texts and attending yoga classes. In 2012 I become a certified Yoga teacher Yoga Alliance at the Samadhi school in Florence. I carry out individual lessons, group and english classes at 1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat & SPA

Vinyasa is a term which describes the concept of "breath connected with movement". It’s a yoga style that, through the breath synchronization with the movement (Vinyasa), combines in a single flow a series of postures (asanas). In other words the teacher instructs the practicioners how to move from an asana to another inhaling and exhaling properly. This technique, known as Vinyasa Flow, or just Flow, has the characteristic of slowness, the sweetness and elegance of movement in the transition from asana to another, which makes this style very similar to a dance. The postures, from the outside, may seem static, since during the practice are retained for a certain period of time (5 breaths), but inside the asana continues to grow, to open up and to change through a subtle movement. The sequence of the cat-cow or the sun salutation are two of the basic sequences of this technique, each movement is linked to the other through constant attention to the rhythm of breathing. Instead of Ashtanga Yoga (also based on Vinyasa), in Vinyasa Flow Yoga the sequence of postures it is not predetermined and ordered within a specific order. The strength of Vinyasa is its extreme variety. This style does not follow one philosophy, a rule, or a sequence, but there are many different possible choreographies that the teacher can create for the students, according to the level, anatomy and the character of the class. This is not about two antithetical techniques, but two ways of activation of the "embodiment", the process of acquiring a greater awareness of your body as an integral part of their existence.

If you like to deal each time a different kind of work and you enjoy the movement and elegance of the body, then probably the Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the style for you!

Namastè ॐ